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Vaginal care during pregnancy

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Vagina is the most delicate part of the body. A woman being pregnant or not, a vaginal care routine is something that cannot be neglected. This part of the body requires to be cleaned every time. The place should be washed off every time after peeing. And pubic hair removal is equally important on regular intervals. We all are aware of this vagina care routine. However, when a woman is pregnant, taking care of a vaginal area becomes a little difficult. This difficulty starts post the second trimester when the tummy starts to grow. But here is a simple cleaning routine that a woman can follow when pregnant.  

  • Use warm water - Every time after pee wash the area with warm water. Be care here and do not use hot water. Hot water damages the skin.

  • Keep a cotton napkin or tissue handy - Always wipe the area after washing the vaginal area. We generally tend to miss this part and results are the wet penties. Which later creates irritation sometimes. Try and use cotton napkins most of the time then using a tissue. If using a cotton napkin, put it in the wash after use. This way you are going to require a lot of napkins.    

  • Use faucet - When the tummy starts to grow, it becomes a little difficult to bend down to clean the vaignal area. For such time use a faucet. Now when you are using a faucet, it is not possible and practical to use warm water every time. In such cases, ensure to wash the area with warm water while bathing. And if you take bath in the evening, use warm water for bathing and this way you can also wash the vagianl area.  

  • Use dettol to wash vaginal area - Vaginal area is a sensitive area and we all know that. So avoid using any kind of vagial wash and use dettol on a regular basis. 

  • Use panty liners - Throughout  pregnancy vagial discharge is common. This results in wet penty which later might cause irritation in the vaginal area. To avoid irritation or infection it is suggested to use light pads or penty liners. It is also important to change the liners on regular intervals and not to use the same one throughout the day.    

  • Pubic area hair removal - Now this is where most of us would face challenges. But cleaning the area is necessary. Best solution in my suggestion is to do bikini wax. However, not every woman is comfortable with this and taking any kind of pressure can be harmful to their health. So if this is the issue then take help from your partner and him to shave it off.   

Practicing a regular cleaning routine keeps the vaginal area healthy. Vagina goes through tremendous changes in pregnancy phase and it is important and essential to take extra care. 



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