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Traditional Method vs Modern Beliefs

I am a gujarati and come from a modern yet traditional gujarati family. I think in India no matter how modern one transforms into, but following tradition is like a ritual. I too come from a culture whose tradition is vast and it has a unique traditional method to look after the newborn and the mommy post delivery. Modern studies often say that a baby should not be given anything except milk (breastmilk or formula) for the first 6 months. However, in gujarati tradition a child is given a ‘gutty’ right from the first week post newborn’s birth. Gutty is a runny paste made by using 5 ingredients. These ingredients are not only healthy for the baby but it also has medicinal qualities. This paste is made with Almond, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Dry Date and Caesalpinia Crista or KACHKA SEEDS.

I too started giving this to my daughter when she was just 15 days old. Every ingredient used has its own quality and a reason. 

Almond - Strengthen bones and improves brain function

Turmeric - Works as antiseptic to the body

Nutmeg - Improves sleep quality among the babies   

Dry date - Contributes in building strong immune system and provides strength to the baby

Caesalpinia Crista or KACHKA SEEDS -  Helps in digestion and builds strong memory

Along with gutty, I also give my baby Somva 34. It is a churan or an ayurvedic powder especially made for babies using 34 ayurvedic herbs. 

How to prepare gutty 

Step 1

Soak one almond night before. Peel the skin of almond. 

Step 2 

Take a grinding stone. Using breast milk or formula or any milk (just a teaspoon) rub all the ingredients one by one on the stone. 

Step 3

As you rub, you will see a paste of the ingredients. 

Step 4 

Collect this in a bowl and it is ready. 

How much to give 

For the first month I used to give her ½ tsp and when she was 2 ½ months old I increased the quantity to 1 tsp. Post 4 months I started giving her ½ to 1 tbsp. 

Note: I do not encourage anyone who is reading this article to give this to your baby without knowledge. Do your research and consult a doctor before you start. Some kids are allergic to nuts hence modern studies don’t prefer to give nuts to the babies until they are one year old.    

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