• Arpana Lotiya

Positive Attitude for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in life. It opens a door that brings unexpected surprises that lets you explore things you might not have thought about. Sometimes these surprises are absolutely beautiful and sometimes it is not.  Also, every pregnancy differs so does everyone's experience about pregnancy. There will be females  blessed with perfect health and can enjoy all three trimesters where on the other  hand there might be females who would spend more time in the washroom than anywhere else. And these are the times when a positive mind helps. 

Positive attitude or positive mind is essential in every stage of life. And through this article I would like to share my personal experience on how a positive attitude helped me during my days of pregnancy. The moment I realised I am pregnant my mind started creating difficulties for my body. Yes, it sounds weird but it is true. I did not face any vomiting or nausea but I did face a tough problem with a stiff back.  During my first trimester I had this weird kind of body stiffness which troubled crazy. Every morning when I wake up my body would turn terribly stiff which made my mornings disturbing. Moving with that stiff body was very difficult but my mind creating more difficulties by feeling pregnancy is a painful journey. And then I had hundreds of advisors around who made it worse. With all these, I had one person who was my doctor and the very first thing he told me to tell my mind is pregnancy is a beautiful journey and in this journey all these are part of it. Instruct your mind, these are part of pregnancy and it will be easy for you to deal. I am anyway not a negative person and I started to give instruction to my mind to stay positive. As heavy physical activity should not be part of the first trimester, I started with meditation. Practicing ten minutes of meditation everyday which slowly was extended to 30 mins helped to develop a positive attitude towards pregnancy.

I included yoga and walking sessions along with meditation in my schedule from the second trimester. All these activities helped me to stay positive and enjoy the beautiful days of pregnancy. Positive attitude also kept me away from anxiety and trible mood swings. 

Many women face health issues during pregnancy. Some might have nausea, some might be underhealth. I weighed 46kgs when I was pregnant. Yet I had enjoyed pregnancy and my baby was born healthy too. I exactly gained 1 to 1.5 kgs every month which is more than enough. I never took tension about my weight and instead focused on eating nutritious  food which automatically was a booster to my health. 

I would conclude this article here and I hope my experience would help you to stay positive and enjoy this beautiful journey. 

“Learn the art of instructing your mind then mind instructing you and your body.”


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