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Lehar enjoys exploring books. She likes it when I read out stories to her. And so no matter what activity we do in a day, we definitely invest our time in storytelling. 

Lol, I am losing hair and soon it requires attention and care. Maybe its post pregnancy affect :( 

Anyways, coming to our reading times. So far if something is interesting for Lehar, are books. She actually doesn’t play with toys much (hardly for a few mins) . Whereas she would come to me with a book and ask me to read it out loud. And we end up reading for an hour. Yes, you read it right. She has patience to sit and listen to the words I read out for her. 

Though Lehar is just a 14 months old baby, she tries to make choices by selecting the activity/ object  (toy or a book) she wants to play. And I feel it’s completely okay to encourage their interest, keeping aside what I want her to do (BDW, I don’t such list :) )  

Every child is different and so is their likes and dislikes. It’s good to be observant and find out the interest of babies in their growing days. Trust me encouraging what they love in growing days  creates different perspectives to see this life. 

Currently, most of the time, we are found reading a book and this interest might change when Lehar grows older. She will develop new interests, likes and dislikes. Her reading interest might stay with her or it might fade away. I don’t know this at the moment. For now it is important to encourage her to enjoy and together we can create memories.  

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