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Jeera water - Benefits

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Jeera or cumin seeds are essential ingredients in Indian cooking. Cumin seeds are used in everyday cooking that adds freshness to the dish and also contains health and medicinal benefits. In Kerala people often drink jeera water. Not only at homes but also in hotels and restaurants jeera water is served. Jeera is rich in iron. Hence, regular consumption of these seeds provides iron to the body. It also improves our digestive system. We would have heard grandma asking to have curd by adding roasted jeera powder and pinch of salt. 

Adding jeera water to our little one’s diet chart is also beneficial. And I started to give jeera water to my little one when she was 7 months old. In the beginning it was only a few spoons of water as I did not want to fill her stomach with water which can disturb her digestive system. Slowly I increased the quantity and nowadays she starts her day with warm jeera water. 

Regular consumption of jeera water helped her to:  

  1. Improves digestive system

  2. Helps in building strong immune system

  3. Provides iron to the body 

  4. Works best for constipation

  5. Improves metabolism

By knowing the benefits, I definitely wanted to add jeera water to my baby’s diet and I could see those qualities showing in their contribution to my baby’s growth. 

Making jeera water is no big deal yet you want to cross check. Here is the recipe and details about it. 


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