• Arpana Lotiya

Emotionless Pregnancy News

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Before I start this article I think you as a reader of this article should know a little about me. I am kind of a straightforward person, I am emotional but I take a lot of time to understand my own emotions and later express them. And so it happened with my pregnancy news as well. It was 2nd Oct 2018, Yes I remember the date clearly when I came to know about my pregnancy. Of-course I did a pregnancy test at home as I missed my periods that month and the result was positive. I told my husband about it and the next immediate person whom we told this was my mother in law and then the other family member. They were all happy and congratulating me and my husband. We then  called my parents and told them about my pregnancy. And like my in -laws my parents  were happy too. Happiness was at peak on that day at home. I was laughing too along with them but somewhere I was trying to understand the importance of that moment or I can say I was trying to understand the importance of my pregnancy news. This was the same case with my husband too. After telling and talking session with family members we came back to our room. We both looked at each other and asked, What's happening dude? Why is everyone so happy and we both still don’t know what’s happening? 

We always wanted a baby and family planning was our mutual and conscious decision. Yet, when we found out about the pregnancy neither he knew how to react nor do I. This is quite funny but it is true. Yes, we both had no emotions to express. Remember I mentioned at the beginning of the article. I take time to understand the emotions and then express them. And this time it was the same with my husband. 

We see other people celebrating their pregnancy news and their celebration is just not less than any occasion. Whereas in my case we both as soon to be parents didn’t know how to react so forget about celebrating. But this didn’t mean we were  not happy it was just we didn’t know how to react. And so we left things and our life was the same next morning. We continued with our routine as I was into a corporate job and I had joined a new company so reaching office on time was important.  

However, keeping my pregnancy somewhere in mind, I didn’t get much time in morning hours to think but while returning home, during travel time, I started to think or I can say started to create emotions or feel them. I started watching pregnancy videos, started reading pregnancy related articles. And then over the weekend, I had my first doctor visit. Post which I slowly started to feel something both at emotional level and at physical level. It might sound funny but I watched so many pregnancy and parenting related YouTube videos that finally made me feel about my pregnancy. 

And then slowly I started to understand this pregnancy emotion and slowly started to express them. Funny right. We often take so much stress and create unnecessary emotions. Sometimes enjoyment takes time to come forward. So take your time. It is okay if you didn’t feel anything at the beginning.  It is okay if your partner didn’t thank you in a special way expressing his joy. Just relax. Take time and give time to understand this beautiful emotion of soon to be a parent.  


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