• Arpana Lotiya

Tips to enhance breast milk production

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Diet that encourages milk supply 

De-stress yourself to enjoy the journey of breastfeeding. You believe or not but taking too much stress has a direct impact on the milk supply. It is important for a new mommy to relax and learn the art of breastfeeding. In my experience, when I was struggling to breastfeed my baby, I had stressed my body and mind so much that feeding was really not enough despite following a proper diet. So relax and exclude stress and include healthy foods with happiness. 

I am a gujarati and so I followed certain traditional food that helped me to keep my body warm and produce enough milk to feed my baby. In my diet I included

  • Fenugreek- Yes. These seeds are super food. I did not like to swallow the seeds directly so added the seeds on every veggie that I used to have for breakfast, lunch & dinner. As Indian food is incomplete without tadka or tempering. So every time along with jeera (cumin seeds) or Rai (mustard seeds) tadka I also added a few fenugreek seeds on a daily basis. 

  • Coconut burfi or cookies - Now you can have fresh coconut pieces directly or grate them on some salad of your choice or add the grated coconut on curry. I decided to include coconut into my diet in a burfi form. This coconut burfi was made with fresh grated coconut, mishri powder, dry fruits and ghee. 

  •  Milk - In a day I used to drink at least 3 to 4 cups of warm milk. Especially after I finished feeding, I would have a cup of warm milk. 

  • Green leaf - I used to include any type of greens into my diet at least 4 times in a week. Green leaves are super food and including them in your diet boosts the milk supply.  

  • Ghee - I am gujarati and my mom was clear about me consuming maximum ghee post pregnancy. Any curry, sweet, roti or rice. It was all made in ghee strictly for the first 2 month post delivery.  

  • Water - Breastfeeding drains out the body completely. So it is important to drink warm water constantly to keep the body hydrated. It is recommended to drink ajwain or carom seeds warm water post delivery. 

  •  Lentils or dal - Being a gujju I am used to of consuming gujarati dal everyday. Indian cuisines offer multiple dal varieties that one can include in the diet. However, post pregnancy I used to have limited ingredients like dal, ghee, garlic, turmeric powder, pepper and salt. I used to have yellow or green split moong dal or toor dal most of the time.   

I am not a foodie but I want tasty food. I used to eat everything while balancing the quantity of spices. As Indian spices and herbs too are good for milk supply I did include them in the form of tempering or masala.   


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