• Arpana Lotiya

Diapering a baby

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Diapering a baby is one such essential part of their upbringing. Sometimes I think life was much easier when I was a child. Limited choices, limited varieties and limited options even for comforts. My baby essential list has diapers on number 1. I had multiple reasons to keep diapers on priority such as 

  1. I did not want disposable diapers on my baby skin on a regular basis.  

  2. I wanted to keep my baby away from rash diaper rashes. 

  3. Disposable diapers are expensive 

  4. Disposables diapers at time makes it little difficult to give potty training as babies do not understand the ‘wet & dry’ feel

Like above I had unlimited questions haunting my head all time. Hence, I started my research to find an alternative solution to disposable diapers that would help me to be good to my baby, and also pocket friendly with straining myself. I came across the concept of cloth diapers. As the concept was new to me and I did not have people around who would help understand about cloth diapers, which one to buy and from where? I started looking out for videos related and started reading about it and that is when I came across cloth diapers from a brand ‘A Toddler Thing’. I ordered my first set of newborn cloth diapers and I am so thankful for it. 

I am using their cloth diapers now more than 10 months and it has saved me loads of money, my baby never faced harsh diaper rashes. 

I am totally convinced to use cloth diapers for my little one all day long. 

Choosing cloth or disposable diapers is an individual choice. For my little one I chose to use cloth diapers every-way and everywhere possible. However, I also use disposable diapers when I am travelling. I find disposable diapers are easier and hassle free when traveling with a baby ( which happens once in a year).

What best I can think for?  researched way too much and successfully confused my mind. My confusion was not with the brands but 


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