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Dahi Katori Chat

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Street food is the life for an Indian. However, due to this covid -19 situation going out and enjoying those delicious street food or chats is a far away dream. So I thought of making one at home. And I decided to prepared Katori Chat. I have tried various versions of this chat and they all taste amazing. For now I decided to make katori chat with the filling of sprouted moth bean and brown channa. Of-course I had all the three chutneys (Garlic, Coriander and dates & tamarind) too. So let’s read the ingredients quickly. 

Ingredients needed 

  • To make katori 

½ cup wheat flour

½ cup plain flour

1 tsp Salt 

2 tbl vegetable oil 

Water to knead dough

Oil for deep fry

  • To make filling 

1 ½ cup Sprouted moth bean

½ cup boiled Black Channa 

Garlic Chutney

Coriander Chutney 

Dates & Tamarind chutney 

2 cupsWhisked curd 

Cumin or jeera powder 

Red chilling powder 


Step 1 

 Put wheat flour and plain flour in bowl or plate to knead dough 

Step 2 

Add salt and vegetable oil in flour and mix well 

Step 3 

Slowly add water or as required to make a dough. Dough should not be loose or too hard. 

Step 4 Keep it aside and let the dough rest for a while. 

Step 5 

Meanwhile, let’s prepare the filling. In a pan put ½ tablespoon oil. Once the oil is hot put the sprouted moth bean and add salt as per taste and red chilli powder 1 tbl or as per your taste and mix well. Don’t cook this for long as it might lose its moisture and would take like any sabzi. After 2 mins off the gas.  

Step 6 

Take one bowl and put boiled black channa and moth beans. Mash both using a masher. 

Step 7 

Add all the three chutneys. I added 3 tbl of coriander chutney, 1 ½ tbl garlic chutney and around 5 to 6 tbl dates and tamarind chutney. 

Step 8 

Now time to make katori. In a deep pan put oil and keep the pan on the gas stove. Let the oil get hot. Now take dough and knead for 2 to 5 mins. Make medium size balls. Start rolling just the way roti is made. Now take one katori or small bowl and stick the at the outer layer of roti on katori or small bowl. Once the oil is hot, put this katori or small bowl for deep fry. Slowly you will be able to take out the katori. Now fry katori until its brown in colour. Ensure to fry from both the sides. 

Step 9     

Time to assemble everything. Take a katori and place it on a plate. Now first add dahi and then add sprouted moth beans and black channa mixer. Add how much is required or till the katori is filled. Now top the layer with curd again. Sprinkle some cumin or jeera powder and chilli powder, chat masala and sev. 

Step 10 

Dahi katori chat is ready. Serve with pepper & mint lemon juice. 

You can make many versions of this street katori chat. Instead of sprouted moth beans and black channa you can use boiled potato, tomato, onion, etc. Do give it a try to this simple recipe. 

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