• Arpana Lotiya

Choice VS Pressure - Family Planning decision

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Family planning is a conscious decision. It is necessary that partners sit together and decide mindfully if they are willing to accept this change in their life. If they are ready to welcome  new life in their existing life. After all, planning a baby is a long term project. It is not only about producing and having fun in the initial years with the baby. It is going to be a long term project which requires attention, determination, dedication, patience,  time and money. 

I have often heard elders saying, let things happen (no matter if it is a force) and it will fall into place. I actually never understood this logic and I don’t agree with this dialogue too. Because there is a difference between a choice and force. When you choose, you dedicate yourself and when there is a force, no matter how interesting the work is, dedicating yourself is not possible. And when you choose a mindful pregnancy, it results in a healthy pregnancy too. There are many benefits of mindful pregnancy

  • Happy acceptance - Pregnancy is a journey. A journey of 9 long months and this requires acceptance. Accepting pregnancy positively makes this journey beautiful and memorable. 

  • Healthy Pregnancy - It is important to have a healthy pregnancy before entering into motherhood. A healthy pregnancy is as important as planning for a baby. Healthy mom = healthy child. As every child differs so as everyone’s pregnancy. But maintaining  good health will give energy to the mom to be and enjoy the journey with the unborn child. 

  • Creates positivity - Like health is important for a healthy pregnancy. Staying positive on such days is equally important. However, staying positive always helps and pregnancy is something very special. SO when a couple chooses to welcome a child with a positive mindset, their baby also enjoys the days in mommy’s stomach. 

  • Parent- child connection - We believe or no, babies do understand mother’s emotions when they are inside us. They do feel connected right from the time they are growing inside us. So it is important for a mother to stay happy and this is possible only when a couple chooses for pregnancy and creates a happy surrounding.

  • Impact on unborn child - Somehow we do transfer our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, expectations and many such feelings on our little one right when she/he is unborn. Soon it after the stomach grows little

We still live in a society where women are asked constantly about producing a child after marriage. If marriage is about two to three years old then having a child is a must as per the society rules. Unfortunately, even today where most of the married couples are well educated comes under pressure and decides to produce a child. But hold on, wait a while, take a deep breath , relax your mind and think consciously do you really want a child? 


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