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Biscuit Cake with Chocolate topping

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It was my daughter's first birthday and I desperately wanted to bake a beautifully delicious cake for her. I don’t know but I did not want a readymade cake from the market, especially on her first birthday. And due to the lockdown situation I got this opportunity to bake a cake. I am not a professional baker but I have baked a vanilla sponge cake in the past and it has turned out to be soft and edible. However, I wanted to try something new for my baby and started looking for recipes. Due to covid 19 situation I was running out of some ingredients.  Of course I had all the basic ingredients like flour, sugar, oil, milk, baking soda and baking powder. But I didn’t have vanilla essence which I think is something important while baking a cake and also cocoa powder. However, just because I was running out of a few ingredients I was not going to give up. Before I baked the final cake, I tried baking  multiple cakes and it was a failure experience. Oh yes, this time baking was on a gas as I don’t have an OTG at present. And I simply followed this saying “the more you fail the better you perform”. 

So for Lehar’s birthday I baked a simple biscuit cake. Yes, you guys heard me right. I baked a cake using biscuits as a base. So what I used 


2 packets of milk biscuit

Milk at room temperature to form a batter

½ cup sugar 

Some nuts 

Eno or Baking soda 

How I made:

Step 1. I kept the cooker to pre-heat. I kept a ring to increase the height from the bottom to keep the vessel 

Step 2. I powdered 3 packets of biscuits using mixer

Step 3. I  powdered ½ cup sugar 

Step 4. I transferred biscuits powders, sugar powder and nuts in a mixing bowl

Step 5. I slowly added milk and started to stir in forward direction and reverse

Step 6. I whisked all ingredients and kept adding milk until the batter had a consistency like idli batter or pancake batter. 

Note : Don’t make the batter runny and don’t even keep it too thick. 

Step 7. After making right consistency of batter, I added ENO from 1 snactche and whisked well

Step 8. I greased the vessel with 1 tsp of oil. And transferred the batter into it. 

Step 9. Tap the vessel 2 to 3 times to pass the air bubbles if any

Step 10. I kept the cake for baking

Step 11. I checked the cake situation after 30 minutes and it was fluffy. I inserted the knief and realised cake needs more baking

Step 12. I baked the cake for another 20 minutes and the cake was ready. I off the gas and removed the cake vessel

Step 13. Let the cake rest until cool 

Step 14. Till the cake is resting. I prepared chocolate cream for icing. In a vessel I added around ⅓ cup of milk and kept to heat. 

Step 15. I added 5 cadbury dairy milk (20RS one)

Step 16. I melted the chocolates 

Step 17. I took plain cake from top and crushed them. 

Step 18. I then made small balls and poured melted chocolate on top of it and kept in a freezer to make perfect chocolate balls

Step 19. I Poured remaining melted chocolate at the centre of the cake and evenly spread around the cake

Step 20. Using seiver, I sprinkled powdered sugar on top

Step 21. Kept chocolate balls at the center and sprinkled more powdered sugar  

Step 22. Cake is ready 

I completely missed taking pictures at every step. But the detailed method of baking would help you. Do give it a try to this simple, quick and delicious cake recipe. 

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