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Activities for Active Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no disease. It is a blessing. To cherish this journey one must develop certain positive habits and mindset. It is only during the first trimester where one who is pregnant is not advised to perform heavy or much of physical activity. This advice is mainly given to avoid chances of miscarrge or so. However, moving post second trimester one must include 30 minutes of physical exercise or physical activity for a healthy pregnancy and labour. 

Like mindful eating, it is very important that one must do a mindful exercise. Trust me practicing physical exercise is a blessing.  I am thankful that I did follow this habit religiously throughout my pregnancy. Before I share my experience about the importance of exercise and how useful it was,  I would like to mention I did consult my doctor before I started practicing yoga. And everytime I included a new asana or activity I always consulted my doctor. So if you too are planning to do, in your next doc appointment don’t forget to ask about it. 

In my first trimester I practiced meditation and I was very happy with the results I achieved. However, basic household chores like cooking or basic cleaning or other household chores were also a part. I was working in my first month of pregnancy so commuting in public transport was a part of my routine. But a proper dedicated workout session wasn’t there as not advisable.  

As mentioned earlier I was amazed with results achieved while practicing meditation and so was waiting to start yoga. I was a yoga practitioner and so wanted to get back to it. I did a thorough research on asanas that I can do while pregnant. Youtube also offers various prenatal yoga videos. After watching multiple prenatal yoga channels, I finally ended up following Prenatal Yoga by Lara Dutta. I will provide you the link below in-case any of you want to have a look. I did ask my doctor and mentioned to him the asanas that I would be practicing. I must mention this I had a cool doctor and so when I mentioned yoga asanas, he started laughing out loud. He said don’t stress yourself, except for lifting heavy weights and rigorous body building exercise you can do everything, Arpana. 

Now the next question was to fix the time for yoga practice. I kept it simple, after I woke up as I would be extremely hungry, I used to have a smoothy or sometimes light breakfast. I would then take a one hour gap and practice yoga. For evenings, I  used to go for a walk on the terrace. I decided to walk for 30 to 40 minutes in a day. Sometimes at stretch I walked for 30 minutes and at times I divided those 30 to 40 minutes by keeping track. Post 6th month my sleeping pattern had completely changed.  Once again I had become a night owl but this time due to changes happening within me. I would get sleep post 3 AM or 4 AM only. To avoid expressing my anxiety to myself and my husband, I would walk in my room and listen to music. I had a huge room to walk. 

Yoga, walk or any kind of prenatal workout I did. One thing I ensured is not to strain my mind and body. At times I was not able to work as per my routine and that’s perfectly okay. It is not a big deal. Be good and kind to yourself. I reminded myself of this thought every time my routine was disturbed. Keep calm and enjoy small moments. 

Before I end, I would like to mention as a reader of this article I would suggest you too not to strain your mind and body if you are thinking of something similar to me. Let us be good and kind to ourselves. 

Prenatal Workout - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44fYnoSLL3c


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