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8 Healthy Meal Ideas for 8 to 12 Months Baby 

I started solids when my baby was 4 months. It was hardly a tsp of food to be honest. When my baby turned 6 months I slowly increased the quantity to a few more tbls. And when my baby was around 8 months, I actually started giving her proper solids. 

Starting solids is fun and exciting  but after one point we run out of ideas on what to give to babies. Here is the list of 8 healthy, super tasty and delicious meal ideas for 8 to 12 months: 

  • Green Split Moong Dal Khichdi -Khichdi made with split green moong dal is super healthy and tasty for babies. This meal is a complete energy booster and can be easily digested. One can give this khichdi either in lunch or dinner. Just ensure to soak dal and rice for 30 mins.

  • Carrot Poriyal - This healthy carrot poriyal is filled with nutrients. Including this in the baby's meal plan helps to improve their eyesight. This poriyal is the perfect way to add vitamins in baby food. 

  • Dalia or broken wheat upma - Now if you looking for something healthy and filling then try dalia. When my daughter was 8 months I used to give her one proper meal a day. This means, I did not stick on to giving her more meals in a day and wanted to give her one proper meal.  I ensured I give her dalia at- least 3 times a week. 

  • Yellow Moong dal & brown rice - Now this is another healthy and filling recipe. I am not a foodie but I do need a variety and I think the same for my daughter. When I feel it is boring to enjoy green split moong dal khichdi. I used to prepare brown rice and yellow moong dal. This also has health benefits like providing proteins to the body. 

  • Kheer - Days when having salty food was boring. I used to prepare kheer and instead of sugar I used to add jaggery powder or dates powder. 

  • Badam sheera/ halwa - This was a constant part in my baby’s meal plan. I used to give her badam sheera everyday in the mornings. On a daily basis, I used to give her 1 tbl and days when I  felt my daughter needed a break from food, I used to give badam sheera (2 to 3 tbl). 

  • Ragi soup - My daughter was not much fond of porridge. And I wanted to add ragi into her diet. Ragi soup made out of ragi flour was a must at-least once a week. 

  • Rava Upma - Until I shifted to South India. I didn't know how healthy and tasty rava upma is. This is not only super healthy but also super easy to make. This doesn’t even take much time to prepare. We had to shift to a new house and I was not sure if I would be able to prepare any food for my daughter. I did not want to keep on milk completely (I know it's not a big deal). I had prepared roasted rava in advance adding all the spices & herbs (curry leaves, mustard seeds, ghee, black pepper powder and salt). I only had to add hot water and keep it for 5 to 8 minutes in a cover box or container.  

Along with all the above mentioned dishes, I used to give my daughter soup, juices, fruits and boiled veggies at times.    

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