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8 Alternate ideas to feed a 'picky' child 

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

My daughter is one year old now and she is a pretty good eater. However, as she is growing I notice her coming up with her own choices. Though she eats everything but she does expect a variety and also a different way of presenting food. As a reader you must be wondering how am I confident about the reason in my understanding of her refusing the food. Well, I notice her and I notice her reasons for refusing any action or a thing. This helps me to understand what exactly she is looking for. This process definitely takes time but it’s worth it. And so I decided to give her the same food but in a different way. 

  • Ragi malt - Until she refused to eat ragi with dal. I never noticed that I can give her ragi as ragi malt. She loves curd and buttermilk. So ragi malt was a perfect alternate option to include ragi in her diet. 

  • Sweet Ragi Porridge - My daughter loves sweets. And so I give her sweet ragi porridge. All it has is jaggery powder, ghee, dry nuts powder (optional) and of course ragi. 

  • Mash Banana - This is one super healthy baby food. All it has is steamed banana (I used nendrakai banana), jaggery powder or dry dates powder and ghee. 

  • Paneer Bhurji - So far my daughter has developed a good digestion system and so I decided to give her paneer which is considered as one such healthy baby food. I made paneer at home and instead of red chilli powder, I used black pepper powder. 

  • Moong dal soup - Now this is the recent loved food of Lehar. With whole green moong we usually make sprouts. And we Gujaratis also make moong dal nu osaman (it is kind of rasam). So I prepared osaman and crushed it to make it a thick consistency like soup. This is super healthy baby food. 

  • Mashed Potato - Carbs are healthy for babies. For this all you need is one or half boiled potato, ghee, pepper powder and salt as per taste.

  • Curd raita - Who doesn’t love raita? I think there is no one to dislike. For this all you need is curd or yogurt, nuts powder ( I like almonds, cashews and kismis). Soak the dry nuts powder in curd and add kismis from top. If you have introduced nuts to your baby then you must try giving this. This raita provides freshness and energies the body. It strengthens the baby. 

  • Pineapple Salad - Who said salads are just for elders. Babies can enjoy having salads too. Well, pineapple could be a little strong for the little one to gulp. So for this all you need is boiled pineapple, ghee , pepper powder and pinch of rock salt and ½ tsp of mishri powder.  

I sometimes feel adding ‘picky’ word to a child’s eating habit is inappropriate. We all are picky and we all need variety in what we eat. For e.g. garlic bread or a pizza. Except for presentation and little minor changes in ingredients and shapes and sizes, it is the same dish. THen why don’t we add picky eaters for our choices? Babies might not be able to speak but they can express and as they grow they make choices. It is just we need to understand what they are looking for. 

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