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5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Pregnancy

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Habits mould our personality. It helps to manage life in a much better and organised manner. I remember my mom telling me how my dad and her were particular about investing time in developing healthy habits in me and my brother.   Habits they wanted to cultivate in us like eating on time, chewing food properly & eating mindfully, organizing things for easy access, doing chores by own,  reading and many more. This may sound very simple but now when I am a mother I understand life and its importance. However over the years, I did observe many changes in me and my way of living. My habits too changed according to my lifestyle.  One such is I became a night owl. I excluded home remedies for selfcare giving reasons like busy lifestyle. I included frequent coffee breaks and missed having a proper meal at times. These newly developed habits have made me go through various health issues like deficiencies, skin allergies etc. 

So when I found out about my emotionless pregnancy news I wanted to develop healthy habits for healthy pregnancy. I worked on 5 habits with immediate effect.   

  1.  Replace phone with books - Yes, you heard me right. We all are addicted to phones crazily and this habit has made me a night owl someway. There are times I start to watch a series and spend my entire night doing that. This resulted distured sleep. So the first habit I wanted to develop was my timely sleeping habits. In the first trimester developing this habit was easy as I would feel sleepy most of the time (maybe due to internal hormonal changes). But maintaining the same post second trimester was challenging. From the middle of my second trimester my sleep pattern was changing. I would get sleep in the mornings most of the days. But this does not mean, I browse my mobile phone. I was back to books, so I would read more and more if I am not sleeping.     

  2.  Eat heavy & healthy breakfast - Eating right and healthy food is anyway important when pregnant. And starting a day with a good breakfast makes a lot of difference. I ensured I have breakfast that offers me nutrients and energises my body and calms my mind. Now this does not mean I skipped other meals or ate unhealthy. I  ensured to include maximum vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and everything that is healthy for me and my baby.  

  3. Practice Yoga - Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but this does not mean it doesn’t have challenges. As I was a  yoga practitioner, I decided to continue with it once again. However, my doctor didn’t allow me to practice yoga in the first trimester. Walking is fine though but for a short period of time. So I started practicing yoga from the second trimester. Initially (in the first trimester) my body suffered stiffness and back pain but when I started to practice yoga, physical pain had given off. Certain yoga asanas helped for normal delivery.  

  4.  Meditate - Anxiety, restlessness, anxious feeling, terrible mood swings, all these are part of pregnancy. To deal with all these it is best to practice meditation. I am telling this from my personal experience. Practicing meditation everyday helped to develop a positive mindset keeping aside all pains and negative thoughts towards pregnancy. 

  5. Stay away from arguments - Now this one was a little difficult for me. But over a period of time I have realised it is better to stay away from arguments then having an intention to win it. 

Now when I turn back and think, I thank myself for working and investing time on developing habits then wasting time in nonsense. These habits made my labour wonderful and memorable. 


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