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3 Important healthy habits for healthy food 

India is a rich country. Rich in its culture, traditions and practices. Indians in their day to day life practice certain habits which are beneficial for body, mind and soul. Those habits are not just based on belief systems but are scientifically proven. There are numerous such habits and in this article I will be sharing with you all 3 important habits that I follow and I also try to teach those habits to my daughter. 

1. Eating with hands - Eating with hands is common in India. Bare hands eating teaches ‘mindful’ eating. Eating with hands, using all 5 fingers contributes towards mindful eating. Practicing this habit helps in digesting food easily. The beauty of this habit is that it creates bonding between you and your child. 

2. Sitting on the floor to eat - Indians are used to sitting on the floor for their meal. However, adopting the urban western lifestyle we nowadays prefer to use the dining table and chair to sit and enjoy the meal. I too prefer to sit on a chair but I ensure to take my legs up and cross fold it and then eat my meal. I am teaching the same habit to my daughter too. Well there are multiple benefits in trying this habit. Benefits like:  it improves the posture of the body. It improves blood circulation. Strengthens pelvic muscles. Improves food digestion.  

3. Avoid drinking water in the middle of meals - Now this is something we all are doing and never want to leave. Being a gujarati, we consume buttermilk or chaas while having our meal. And drinking buttermilk while eating fills the stomach, hence resulting in poor eating habits. As my daughter is too young and at times she does need some water while eating. And that is completely okay. However, including it in between meals is a big no no.

Food is an important source of energy. Many great yogis say that food is the ultimate source of energy, The way one thinks, feels and reacts is based upon the healthy or unhealthy food habits that one follows. It is important to know what we are eating and it is also important to know how we are eating. 

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